Cleaning Services

AlQaleuh AlHadthuh has the honor to provide the service of hygiene, as we are one of the specialized companies in the work of the integrated hygiene in clearing marble from pest and control all purposes and all installations and sites which provide a comprehensive program for cleaning and control the top standard and with the best employment hardware Narrated which would help to clean all the places even small, and difficult access to the supervision of specialized supervisors monitoring the line of work and deliver it in the best quality.

  • The Company provide :
  • Clean Trip Periodicals Annual contracts.

    The constituent clean per day - weekly or monthly basis according to the agreement - the CLEANLINESS of the exhibitions for a limited best employment and the latest devices.

    The cleanliness of the properties of all kinds and include apartments, houses and villas, hygiene and include all what is inside or outside the property.

    The company is also using the latest specialized machinery and trained personnel in cleaning marble.

    The company uses the best kinds of pesticides and authorized by the Ministry of Health.

    The company specialized in the field of hygiene and pest control.

  • Comprehensive clean
  • - Cleaning and polishing include internal and external glass on the windows and doors and destinations as this work of specialized workers to clean glass and polish the glass.

    - Washing and drying the carpet and Suede, wool work corbet cleaning carpet shampoo and deodorant flasks for unconditional withdrawal and we are using specialized machinery and well-trained labor.

    - Cleaning and polishing wood furniture and mineral offices using the best materials.

    - Cleaning and squeeze out the dust spot and clean.

    - Laundry and disinfecting water courses using good in cleaning the raw materials and the use of disinfectants sessions fragrant aromas and clean buffet.

    - Clean all marble floors and marble using the latest equipment , the best materials and the best trained labor.

    - The cleanliness of ceramics, porcelain and all kinds of floors .

    - Clean painted walls and removal fingerprints from using the dry Foam.

    - Unloading and cleaning up trash cigarette extinguishers waste collection inside plastic bags , clean stainless and Copper Parts on-site.

    - Cleaning the swimming pool on the premises.

    - Cleaning the lighting on the premises from the outside only without the removed.

    - Cleaning the high ceilings and walls of the spider and dust removal.

    - The SMELLS drive water sessions.

    The company is also clean and disinfecting water tanks using the best raw materials.