Indoor House Desgin

Considered the most prominent architecture of disciplines in the field of engineering in general, where the technical side of this beautiful area with engineering disciplines, it intervenes in the design of external forms, as well as the domestic construction, or what is called the decor.

It is also working on the design of external forms, and many of the designs, which adds a lovely addition construction objects designed. It is multidisciplinary in the architecture and interior design, where specializ in this field, the interior design of the house concrete installations, which are designed from the civilian engineers, caring this specialization in matters of interior décor in the home, the distribution of the furniture of the house area, and attention to lighting, ventilation, and air conditioning is allocated to the interior design of the coolest disciplines that enter the aesthetic of art and creativity, where it takes the design of the prettiest part of the life of the designer, it is the artist who puts the people the features of beauty in the environment surrounding them, and lighting the aesthetic and creative in all of the restaurants, lounges, no matter of facilities high decorative style, beauty and elegance in private houses, where it becomes the home of the most elegance consequently love life, processing all types of article aesthetic; even the most beautiful what is known by the designer, as well as for the employer which used later in his favor.

Also specialized in this field to take into account the environmental and cultural aspects of the employer; to remove the work of great artistic and distinct manner, and could not succeed in this specialization for those who do not have visual intelligence, high technical capacity, and the ability of the brain to visualize the forms, and imagine the circumstances surrounding the work; to exit the appropriate design and very strong and suitable for the user, and suit the taste of the community.

It must be the wish to enter into such specialization that have emotional intelligence and social intelligence, which qualifies it to capacity to communicate, and understand what the user requests, as well as the ability to implement what is consistent with the desires of the community, so that it is not uncommon, and the usual year by society and people; so that to the contrary, it becomes an outcast because of the general tradition of stepper, which does not challenge the start beauty in its splendour and elegance, so if we assume, for example, a place iss accustomed to the homes of some kind of beautiful, and came amid those homes designed in decision-making is a very bright internally, so as to draw attention, this causes the sharp criticism of the community; as a result of the lack of consensus in design with the usual and customary.

Also, the design should be comfortable and responding to the need for the user, there is a cumbersome amounts of sight and mind, It is frequently simple deco robbed him of all the manifestations of beauty, this is the function of visual intelligence and IMAGINATIVE , which led to the total picture of creative before starting the design inside the house.