Finishing Properties

A leading company in the field of finishing of the Apartments Villas featured on the highest level of quality and luxury.

Our Company is one of the best finishing companies, at the point of view of the quality, sophistication and prices . We are doing all the decoration finishes under the supervision of skilled Engineers for Apartments, Villas and palaces finishing at the top level of luxurious. Decorated apartments, villas, modern decorations, classical decorations and all types of decoration. We are doing designs and finishes and decoration of the apartments.

If you are looking for distinctive decor, companies are looking for a lower price, it is known that at least equivalent price = lower quality and therefore appear as Paint or plumbing problems, for example, our company is not doing a commercial finishes and decorations (i.e. The quality of the least) .

The beginning of the finishing level we have is super lux finishing, for example, the work of the Villas If you want to finishing your private villa, we request you to know the required level for finishing is super lux finishing or high quality finishing, for example, we discusses with engineers in charge of the raw materials required in the finish of the full details of the villas, where the colors of the paints, ceramics, porcelain, Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentry and offers you our existing models or if you imagine a model or level or finishing a certain decor, the company will want to

Finishing stages:

  • Homopterous Architecture:
  • in case you received the apartment and you want to modify, and applied in the design of a particular form of the amendment we transform the amendment to the new situation You want the new situation.

  • Plumbing:
  • the latest modern style appropriate raw materials and everyone's favorite with locating basins and pipes and connections of proper nutrition.

  • The isolation:
  • The bathrooms, kitchen, and special materials in order to maintain the humidity.

  • Electricity:
  • Telephone ,internet aand anything to do with the electricity connections want you theat agree with design.

  • Carpentry:
  • Installation window and doors, in the same desire to replace the rust-resistant steel of the installation on the latest style of modern tools .