Home Maintenance

Any building maintenance group of scientific techniques and administrative means that include full supervision on the building after its implementation throughout life to maintain the architectural, construction , mechanical components and Other ...or rehabilitation once again so as to be usable and perform its functions in a pleasant.

Since all the residential buildings deteriorate over time so it must be the work of the comprehensive maintenance of the buildings of all kinds to protect it from deterioration and damage, which makes it unusable with the threat to the health and safety of the occupants, there are many factors that affect the maintenance requirements of the age of the building, and how to use it, and environmental conditions, and the level of Syntactical finishing , legal requirements, the building materials used and the level of their quality before construction, in addition, the level of maintenance required residential building, and provide the necessary support and funding.

In addition, the high cost of the components of any residential building, which requires the preservation and maintenance of all influences which lead to lose of life.

Hence the urgent need for clear information on the overall maintenance of various kinds to help owners and tenants and maintenance work to maintain their premises and prevent injury and damage. The residential building is to maintain a proper maintenance of various kinds of all the components of the building and without exception to any part in it.

The problem is ignored or marginalized, omission or postpone motivated by reducing maintenance expenditures. The objective of maintenance of all types is to reduce the expected expenditure on residential buildings through the knowledge and maintenance required for each residential building.

  • Clean the glass faces
  • Dry desert climate dust waves may negatively affect on the facades of buildings and lead to the accumulation of dust in places that are difficult to reach and clean, and with specialized glass cleaning services, you will not need to do complicated steps to clean the places like this and you will be able our cleaning and even places that are difficult to access, in addition to surfaces and interior corridors.

  • The swimming pool
  • During the summer season, it is expected that the swimming pool is fault tolerance. This is why we offer periodic cleaning and maintenance services and comprehensive in your swimming pool at the pool an enjoyable stay and the best of health

  • Electricity
  • At will spare no time to maintain the electrical equipment in your home; this will direct loss and efficiency in each year. As a result of this will consume more energy that could drain your expenditures. We can help you recover the loss of effectiveness of electrical wires with your partners in the maintenance services and replacement fight against insects and that the presence of multiple types of insects in buildings has become a common need lubricating if it is for example the white ants, despite its small size, it may cause great damage لممتلكاتك, so the fight against insects in fully will allow you to eliminate all the problems caused by those insects and prevent any possible harm to them in the future.

  • Air conditioning
  • If your air-conditioning system malfunction during the hot summer, it would cause you a lot of inconvenience, but if contracted with fully there will be no reason for concern, and we will deal with your air conditioning problems quickly and efficiently, and furthermore Periodic Maintenance will reduce the incidence of such cases

  • Plumbing
  • Is no doubt that the maintenance of extensions and health materials continuously in the building leads to the occurrence of leaks or blockage in the channels of water and this may lead to damage and waste large amounts of water, in addition to the emission of ODORS, so our team is skilled in the plumbing work in fully resolving all plumbing problems will you have and thus ensure the safety of your property

  • Hygiene
  • Regular cleaning may not tells you the complete elimination of accumulated dust, harmful bacteria and ALLERGENS even if on a daily basis, with fully need not worry about how to get rid of these problems, we guarantee you a full and comprehensive cleaning of your property,