Security Services

The definition of the physical security at home is the protection of the home against several risks, through some action and the laws in the home to reduce those risks.

What things must be protected in the home?

One of the most important things that aim to protect at home is the protection of people, and the protection of property, especially valuables, jewelry and other consumable task.

What potential risks?

  • The risk of theft
  • All theft forms, it may be stealing money, jewelry, or be theft papers and files or disks containing important and sensitive information , or steal anything else precious. Theft may be exposed to any house, but there are causes and factors that help to increase the risk of theft when you ignore some of the important actions in the home.

  • The risk of fires
  • Perhaps the fires are more emergency casesthat causes death. Therefore, Keeping the house away from the danger of fire is the best and most important objectives that should be working for,.

  • Risk of accidents within the home
  • There are incidents that may occur within the home make individuals at risk, and individuals could be avoided through the application of the security measures inside the house. Individuals may be more unprotected from such accidents like children distresses over the notification, the risk of medication by children, the risk of a fall from the stairs (peace) for children and others.

    Some of the measures and laws (tips) that provide physical security in the home

that safe house material:

First: procedures for theft protection:

1)supply the house some equipment (systems) security services: We can classify into types as follows:

a) Foreign protection systems:

Systems that are troubling the thief before entering the house. This type of systems depends mainly on the use of the connectors and the doors and windows and reagents, breaking the glass. Identify the moment that opens the door or window, or breaking the glass, the alarm is activated.

B) Internal protection systems:

systems that make the house a trap for the thief, where they rely on the use of reagents, any movement that the thief must be inside the building before any warning, that is a silent warning to the Security "

c): integrated protection systems

And systems that combine internal and external protection system; to investigate a more secure home.

Individuals also favors the development of secret cameras at places of valuables, even in the absence of warnings, systems, can be an

alternative to it, which is a good idea, especially if the strangers in the house as a maid or other.

The DVR devices independent digital recording system, or what is called the An independent digital recording device is one of the best solutions for those who do not know how to use the computer. All you have to do with these devices is a button. Most of these devices have relatively modern