14 MAY

Smart Houses

There is increasing of demand in global and local levels, in particular on Smart Houses solutions , secure and comfortable in addition to money saving. providing comprehensive solutions to exceed customer expectations and provide outstanding support for technological services, greater flexibility, greater value in the market, with these core values in mind.

We are a smart company that create strong linkages to its valued customers,it has established a broad base of knowledge, experience and attracting the best experts in the field of electronics, as well as to the Department has long experience in this field, then our company provide scalable solutions for smart houses, a comprehensive expansion of houses and apartments and villas and palaces and offices, high buildings , factories, schools and hotels.

Be the owner or the Stator Possibility Calling Home Smartphone via the devices that you use usualy like Mobiles, computers and Internet networks in the case of being outside the house or being inside the house there are a lot of ways to communicate with the smart home to facilitate the comfort and save time and energy to the owner. With the possibility of programming the conditions of the firm and fixed time , date , specific days per week or Different Times Daily Weekly Work, which helps to extend the life of devices as well as providing hygiene and health in the house.

The regulations cover all our needs and they sang to Purchase remote control devices and other devices that operate without communicate with each other.

What distinguishes the work is that everything in the smart house works to connect to other systems, such as the sensitivity of the Movement , breaking glass and smoke detectors work with each other to communicate with lighting systems and air conditioning, which makes it smart. Add to this our work not comparable, because it depends on the capacity of the building control and inclusiveness in our systems give you comprehensive control for everything in the house with the system of protection and control.

The most important of what we are doing in smart homes:


  • Opening and closing the Curtains as external climate control can also manually.
  • Security and Surveillance System .
  • digital Sensors in all doors and windows are linked to rules.
  • Pool Alarm device .
  • Revealing the heat sensors.
  • Tracer fire sensors.
  • Surveillance cameras deployed in parts of the House
  • Deployed cameras in several parts of the House. feature smart homes to control all facilities home lighting and curtains, the air-conditioning system as well as the competent security system at home.